If you are an amateur filming funny videos this topic is for you

Profit by photographing and preparing Videos

Break CPM

If you like to watch the Pranks and funny videos on YouTube

Why not begin to portray one of whom with your camera your mobile phone or photographing funny scene

to sell it and get up to $ 500 / video in The site Break

Or investing your video by Break CPM network and show your videos on a dedicated YouTube ads inside youtube which will yield you much more than the use of Google Adsense.

All you have to do is portray funny videos or satirical or inspirational in a clear video with best image quality

, And submits it to your channel in YouTube and add the video link  within the site       The Vault

Break CPM

After adding video some editors will watch it and if it is approved

You will receive a message on your e-mail and on your channel on YouTube
from One of the representatives from the site Break com Even to pay you for the video.

Break CPM

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